Cyber Ants Working Around The World

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The Snippet Engine's Distributed Servers of Cyber Ants, The Future of the Internet !

Cyber Ants Working Around The World

The Snippet Engine -- Produces Networks of Distributed Servers

Networks of Server Clouds -- Around The World -- Running Snippet Engine Cyber Ants
Networking Thousands of Synchronized Multi-Core Threads -- All Aggregating Knowledge As One Database

The Snippet Engine is a modern software development methodology, focused on synchronizing thousands of multi-core Threads and Servers.

The Snippet Engine is a Multi-Core, Thread-Centric, and Server/Client Networking Technology.

The Snippet Engine is both an Object Oriented Design (OOD) and an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Methodology. Snippet Engine Objects are both Design and Programming constructs, which are greatly enhanced encapsulations, to achieve networked Multi-Core concurrent Thread synchronization, around the world.

The Snippet Engine Programmers create Objects which are a significant enhancement to the C++ Class Object and the OOD Methodology. The Snippet Engine is the new "Engine" created to process these new enhanced Objects. These enhanced Objects are the Snippet Engine "Nodes", which act like "Cyber Ants" within a worldwide network.

Each Cyber Ant executes as a CPU-Core-Thread, so that its data is always isolated, and its execution cannot be interrupted until it is done. As a Core-Thread each Cyber Ant works autonomously, is self-aware, schedules itself, thinks ahead, talks to anything, and can aggregate intelligence (data) with everyone.

Each Cyber Ant can be programmed to do anything, small or large. One type of Cyber Ant can know how to be a financial tool, and another type of Cyber Ant knows how to monitor and control a robotic loading unit. Another type of Cyber Ant knows how to ask the "Cyber Ant Financial Tool" for the cheapest solution when a "Cyber Ant Robotic Loader" encounters a critical situation. Other Cyber Ants can be programmed to interface to any remote "foreign" Server, Database, and Service Center.

Cyber Ants are created in real-time, as users click to do things. The number of independent Cyber Ants working in parallel is infinite!

No other software technology enables the project developers to create high level Object Oriented Constructs (Cyber Ants), where each Object is capable of 'autonomous', 'self-aware', 'real-time', 'Networked Multi-Core concurrent synchronization', and has infinite aggregation of intelligence.

The scope and aggregated power of the Snippet Engine Network is infinite!

The Snippet Engine creates networks of thousands of Synchronized Servers, running around the world.

Servers use Snippet Engine "Cyber Ants" to perform and network together as a coordinated team. Developers use the Snippet Engine to create these high level Object Oriented Constructs.

Each Cyber Ant is coded to know how to do some small piece of the whole application. To do their small piece, each Cyber Ant will talk to and aggregate with the other Cyber Ants running on computers around the world.

The Snippet Engine creates hundreds/thousands of these working and aggregating Cyber Ants, as many as are needed. The inter-relationships between the Cyber Ants are automatically managed by the Snippet Engine.

Each Cyber Ant works independently, doing what it knows how to do, and talks to any of the other Cyber Ants, on any computer in the world. Thus, the data each Cyber Ant gathers is instantaneously shared around the world. All of the thousands of Cyber Ants stay coordinated, as they aggregate their results, and create an infinite network of "real-time aggregated intelligence".

Having two or more remote Cyber Ants store the same data redundantly, gives you a robust distributed Database, that is always up '24/7'.

It does not matter what you are doing; you use the Snippet Engine to achieve a worldwide advantage.

The advantages of the Snippet Engine Network are infinite!

The Snippet Engine Cyber Ants ARE The "Internet of Things" (IoT).

The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a network of interrelated devices, monitors, sensors, machines, and computers, which each have unique identifiers (UIDs), and exchange data in real-time. For example: the ability to network and manage thousands of devices in real-time; everything from refrigerators, to shipping packages, to security units, to pets, and to heart monitors.

What IoT accomplishes are goals such as:
  •  Having the refrigerator itself monitoring itself, and the refrigerator directly tells its manufacturer when it needs "help".
  •  Having your personal heart monitor constantly measure your heart, blood pressure, and blood sugar, and it automatically tells the hospital when you need "help".

The Snippet Engine Cyber Ants already form an "Internet of Things", this is exactly what they do. Put Cyber Ants onto devices that connect to the Internet (WiFi), and instantly you have a network of interrelated devices.

The Marketing Potential of the Snippet Engine as the "Internet of Things" is infinite!

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Nodes Act Like Any-To-Any Cells

The Snippet Engine Cyber Ants are "Any-To-Any", Autonomous, and AI-Aggregating, "Knowledge Centers"
Create Infinite "Cognitive Networks" and "Robotic Systems"

The Snippet Engine Technology Enables Private Worldwide Distributed Command and Control Applications, That Are Up '24/7'!

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The Snippet Engine's Distributed Servers of Cyber Ants, The Future of the Internet !

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