Cyber Ants Working Around The World

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The Snippet Engine's Distributed Servers of Cyber Ants, The Future of the Internet !

Cyber Ants Working Around The World

The Snippet Engine Distributed Servers Technology

Cyber Ants: Working and Aggregating Together Around The World

The Snippet Engine is used to create networks of hundreds of Servers running anywhere in the world.

Servers use Snippet Engine "Cyber Ants" to perform and network together as a coordinated team. Developers use the Snippet Engine to create software code Objects called "Cyber Ants". Each Cyber Ant is coded to know how to do some small piece of the whole application. To do their small piece, each Cyber Ant will talk to and aggregate with other Cyber Ants running on computers around the world.

The Snippet Engine creates hundreds of these working and aggregating Cyber Ants, as many as are needed. The inter-relationships between the Cyber Ants are automatically managed by the Snippet Engine.

Each Cyber Ant works independently, doing what it knows how to do, and talks to any of the other Cyber Ants, on any computer in the world. The data each Cyber Ant gathers is instantaneously shared around the world. All of the thousands of Cyber Ants stay coordinated, as they aggregate their results, and create an infinite network of "real time aggregated intelligence".

Having two or more remote Cyber Ants store the same data redundantly, gives you a simple distributed Database, that is always up '24/7'.

It does not matter who you are; you use the Snippet Engine to achieve a worldwide advantage.

The advantages of the Snippet Engine Network is infinite!

The Snippet Engine is a current technology, based on networking modern multi-core computers.

The Snippet Engine is a Multi-Core, Thread-Centric, and Server/Client Networking Technology. Each instance of the Snippet Engine executes on any computer allowing Windows applications. Each Cyber Ant within a Snippet Engine instance executes as a CPU-Core-Thread, so that its data is always isolated, and its execution cannot be interrupted until it is done. As a Core-Thread each Cyber Ant works autonomously, is self-aware, can schedule itself, thinks ahead, can talk to anyone, and can aggregate intelligence with everyone.

Each Cyber Ant can be programmed to do anything, small or large. One type of Cyber Ant can know how to be a financial tool, and another type of Cyber Ant can manage a QuickBooks interface. Other Cyber Ants can be programmed to interface to any remote "foreign" Server, Database, and Service Center.

Cyber Ants are created in real time, as users click to do things. The number of independent Cyber Ants working in parallel is infinite!

No other software technology enables the developers to create high level Object Oriented Constructs (Cyber Ants), where each Object is capable of 'self-aware', 'worldwide', 'real-time', 'cooperative', 'command and control' interaction, and provides infinite aggregation of intelligence.

The scope and aggregated power of the Snippet Engine Network is infinite!

Multi-Core 'Cache Coherency' and inter-Thread 'Atomic' synchronization:

The Snippet Engine expects to be executing multiple Threads on multiple cores requiring inter-Thread "logic" synchronization.

It is a well-hidden fact that modern Pentium computers hardware absolutely fail during same-clock-cycle writes by three or more Threads running on multiple cores. Such failures are documented, and easily demonstrated in tests.

The whole reason for multiple Threads to be using a common 'address', is so that their independent "logic" can be synchronized with the other Threads running on the other cores. The Snippet Engine uses its own 'lock-less-software' to guarantee that inter-Thread 'Atomic Operations' are fully 'Cache Coherent', even with concurrent (same picosecond) writes by multiple cores, regardless of the 'Cache Coherency Protocol' of the hardware.

Further, the Snippet Engine blocks Threads so that they wait in a First-In-First-Out Queue. This guarantees the "logical order" of the application's inter-Thread "logic" synchronization. Unlike UNIX and Windows POSIX "Thread-blocking", Snippet Engine Threads cannot get "knocked-out" of its logical order because of "too many Threads" causing a "Timing-Issue".

This means that the Snippet Engine works on all computers, from low-cost Laptops to expensive Servers.

The Snippet Engine Network works as a worldwide Database.

Each Cyber Ant works and stores data separately from all other Cyber Ants. Any Cyber Ant can itself manage a Database Table for the application. When a Cyber Ant needs some remote information, it simply uses the Internet to ask another Cyber Ant to send back the information. When a Cyber Ant needs another remote Cyber Ant to "do something", it simply sends it a command packet, and will directly get the reply. All this communication is done from one Cyber Ant directly to another, so there is no overhead or bottlenecks.

For example, when one Cyber Ant changes data in one of its Table Rows, it can instantaneously tell other remote Cyber Ants to "do something". Since Cyber Ants are self-aware and always alive, they are always ready to "do something".

With thousands of talking Cyber Ants working together in real time, the entire network becomes an infinite "Online Intelligence Server". From anywhere in the world you can instantaneously augment and access the capabilities and information stored in any of the network's Cyber Ants.

The Intelligence of the Snippet Engine Distributed Servers Network is Infinite!

The Snippet Engine Network of Cyber Ants is the low cost alternative to Cloud Networks.

The Snippet Engine runs in the background on any computer allowing Windows applications. The Snippet Engine does not need to run on an expensive "special server", nor does it need any 3rd-Party licensing. The Snippet Engine runs on both older and new computers. Even your home computers and laptops will run the Snippet Engine in the background, and be a part of thousands of networked Servers running thousands of Cyber Ants. This means that the Snippet Engine Network is much simpler to expand, costs far less, and is easily maintained.

Because the Cyber Ants talk to each other directly, the Snippet Engine Network data exchanges are extremely fast. This means far less complexity, far less overhead, and real time data exchanges between Databases and Applications.

Because the Cyber Ants talk to each other directly, any kind of encryption can be used for complete communications Privacy. This also means that each Cyber Ant can use its own uniquely encrypted data storage protocol, to store its own data.

The aggregated cost savings of the Snippet Engine Network is Astronomical !

The Snippet Engine Technology Enables Private Worldwide Distributed Command and Control Servers, That Are Up '24/7'!

Nodes Act Like Any-To-Any Cells

The Snippet Engine Cyber Ants are "Any-To-Any", Autonomous, and AI-Aggregating, "Knowledge Centers"


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The Snippet Engine's Distributed Servers of Cyber Ants, The Future of the Internet !

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